Green Energy
Solar LED Street Lights

Photovoltaic energy supply technology is a new reliable solution. You no longer need to worry about environmental climatic changes, local air pollutions and resource scarcity. Using LED Solar Energy is as much practical as it is efficient.

Sun Light Solar Tube Systems

Pure bright daylight. Said to be the most energy-efficient light source available. Gulf Power & Marine provides solutions by Solatube for Sun Light Solar Tube Systems.

Solar Water Heaters

A selection of high quality raw materials is used for the Production of the Solar Water Heaters by SOLE, provided by Gulf Power & Marine.

Solar Heating - Air Conditioning

Solar radiation passes through the highly transmissive glazing and reaches the absorber. The selective absorber transforms the radiation into heat, which is heating the air passing through. The solar-heated air is transferred into the building, by a ventilator, operated by photovoltaic panel. The fresh air enters the device after being filtered, to be free from any particles and dust.