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Navigation Aids

Gulf Power & Marine provides a great selection of Navigation Aids, including Solar-powered Marine Lanterns and Navigation Buoys, by reliable brands such as SEALITE & AVLITE.

Nautical Tools & Instruments

If you’re plotting a course, Gulf Power & Marine has you covered. We can provide you with all the essential Nautical Tools and Instruments

Engines & Spares

Due to our expertise with inboard/outboard engines of different types and brands, we’re confident to say we offer the best selection of engines in the market. Just let us know your power requirements and area of intended use, and we can propose the best suitable option for you.


Inflatable Rescue & Commercial Boats by GEMINI, meeting international safety specifications and standards. Safe, Strong & Trusted.

Marine Lighting

Long life, high efficiency, ease of installation and practical functionality. We can provide you with the best quality Marine Technical Lighting, for the best prices available on the market.

Deck Equipment

With a long history and success in the marine industry, Gulf Power & Marine can provide you with any supplies or solutions your deck may need. We base our supplies on the IMPA and have resources for almost every kind of deck equipment.

Diving Gear & Accessories

A wide selection of diving gear and vessel consumables can be supplied by Gulf Power & Marine. Whatever you may need for the waters, we can provide it.

Mooring Ropes & Cables

Gulf Power & Marine has particular extensive experience in selecting the finest and most optimal Mooring Ropes and Cables you may require.

Navigation & Communication Equipment

After rigorous studies and research, we select the most optimal and suitable navigation and communication equipment and solutions to provide. Always up to date with the latest technology, and always approved and certified internationally.

Signs & Signals

Various Warning Signs, Symbols & Signals, Flags, Tapes and Posters. We have all the signaling items you need.

Life-Saving Appliances & Equipment

Being aware of the importance of safety, Gulf Power & Marine provides you with tested and certified equipment